Directory Submission

Directory Submission is a process that plays a vital role in website or search engine optimization. Directory Submission is a process of selecting a website and then adding it to the other. Internet is full of thousands of directories, that may be a Free directory, Paid directory, Manual directory or an Automatic directory. Basically a directory on internet that is a web directory is a website that offers a very vast lost of other websites, services and products around the world. We are familiar with telephone directories and a web directory is similar to it but on the internet.

Everyone wants to know that why it is important to list in a web directory. The benefit of having your website listed in a web directory is much like having your product or service listed in a telephone directory. If your are running a business and people are not aware that you have one, how can you make money? It is very important that people know your business and that could be done when you list your company in the web directories. Having your website listed in a web directory gives an internet user more chance of stumbling across your website when looking for something in particular.

Directory submission is a process of submitting your website details to a web directory that are available on the internet. We can easily get a list of web directories on Google or any search engines with a key word “DIRECTORIES”. The person who would be submitting the site on the directory will have to provide details of the site he/she is submitting. Generally while posting to any directory the details required are:

  • Website URL
  • Website Title
  • Website Category
  • Website Description
  • Name
  • Email

Sometimes, some directories may ask for additional information that could be keywords, or meta tags or a reciprocal link so that their web link could also be placed on the submitter’s website and thus make an interlink.

Keywords are words that are associated with your directory submission. This means when a person searches Search Engine Optimization for example, and you have attached that keyword along with your site, then the search results will show your site as potential result for those keywords. Keywords play a very important role in most of the web directories as they hold details of thousands of company’s and searching by keywords is a very quicker way for a user to find what they are looking for.

Acceptance of a Listing – Once your website has been submitted to a web directory, it is then up to the owner of that website whether to approve your directory submission or not. Generally they look at: whether the website is relevant to the category it has been submitted in, whether the website has good content, whether the website is complete and not still under construction. If your website matches all 3 of those criteria’s you will almost certainly be accepted. Few directories take less time to show your websites as listed some might take 6 months to get it listed for a FREE LISTING. For the Paid directories, they take less time to show your listing depending upon the time frame mentioned while the payment is done.

Back Links – When a webmaster accepts your site for inclusion into his/hers web directory, you normally get an email, but not all web directories do this. Again once included, your site should then be visible to the search engines and will register as a back link for that site. A back link is a website linking to another website. Back links are important to a websites success. The more of these you have the more chance people have of finding your product/service and the more chance you have of making sales in the online world. Directory submission is a fantastic way to achieve this. This is due to the shear amount of directories online and the amount of links that they can generate towards another website.

Directory submission is a great way to build backlinks for your site. With the backlinks from directories, you will be able to increase the rankings on the search engines. In the competitive industries, link building is an essential part of a search engine optimization.

Free Directories – There are thousands of free directories on the internet. You can find free directories on directory websites. In addition, the internet marketing forums usually has a section called announcement where webmasters will announce new directories that are just launched. Most directory websites will display the page rank along with the URL of the directory. You can also find out the page rank of a directory by installing the Google Page rank toolbar.

Most free directories that offer free submission also offer paid listing. With paid listing, the URL of your website will last for a longer time. Many directories delete links from free submission after a year or so. Paid listing can be expensive but they offer more advantages to the user.

Does Page Rank Matters? Since the directories has lots of outbound links, it will take a considerable number of backlinks to get page rank, The recent crackdown on directories has prove to everyone that page rank should not be used as a factor when choosing which directory to submit. Some directories don’t have page rank but they rank well on the search engine. Directories that rank well on the search engine will offer value for the sites. If you want to find out the number of outbound links on the directory, you can use Yahoo! site explorer or a link popularity checker tool.

Before Submitting the Site – The site is finished by the time when you are ready to submit the site. There should not be a page that is under construction. In addition, you should perform a check for broken links. There are several website which helps to check broken links on a website such as W3C Link Checker, iWebTool Broken Link Checker, Snafu Broken Link Checker, and Submit Express Broken Link Checker. To make sure the site is not included in the directory, you can perform a search on the site title on the directory. If your site is new, it is unlikely that it is existed in the directories. It is important to read the submission guidelines to make sure the submission will be approved.

Before submitting the site, make sure you have prepare the titles, keywords and descriptions. You should prepare at least 5 titles and description. In this way, you can vary them and prevent duplication problem.

Selecting a Category – Many users are reluctant to navigate to the appropriate category to submit the site. They simply click on the Submit link on top of the directory to submit their site. Some directory solve this problem by locking the submission page that is accessed from the home page. When submitting to directories, make sure you navigate to the appropriate category and submit the URL from there. Some directories will delete the submission detail if it detects that you submit it through the homepage submit link. You should always submit the site to the lowest category possible for the website. For example, if you are submitting a casserole site, you should submit to Home > Family > Cooking > Casserole instead of submitting to Home > Family > Cooking,

Anchor Text – It is best if you can use the aimed keyword for the anchor text. Before submitting to the directory, you should read the submission guidelines. Some directory allows you to use an anchor text different from the homepage title while others restrict you to use your business name. You should always include one of the aimed keyword in the title and create as much variation as possible so that it will look natural to the search engine.

Varying the Description – The site description can be varied in different directories. If the same description is used on all the directories, the search engine will detect the duplicate content and devalue the link. To avoid duplication, you can write a different description for each directory. The standard word count for the description is 200 characters. The description should describe all your products and services.

The description should be grammatically correct and without spelling error. You should not use ALL CAPS words to highlight a word within the description. The description should not contain promotional words such as the best or leading. Using promotional words in the description may result in the deletion of the site from the directory database.

Some directories allow to add extra links for the internal pages of the website. You can take advantage of the deep linking feature and add links to the important pages on the site. You can vary the anchor text of the link so that it will look natural to search engines.

After submitting the site, you will have to wait for some time for the listing to appear on the directories. On average, the directories can take up to 3 months to review and list the site due to the huge backlog. Since the editors are volunteers, they only work on free time. If you want faster listing, you can buy a paid listing on the directory. Some directories will inform you about the status of your submission through the email provided while others don’t.

You should only check your mail box to check if the directory send verification link. Before your site will be submitted for review, you must click on the verification link to verify the email account.




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