Local Business Directory Marketing

Why do we need another local business directory? This is a common question one asks when surfing the web and comes across one. There is of course the main business directory that has been around since the days of Ma Bell. What is exciting is that the new and modern ones are more interactive and only contain user-approved listings.

If your looking to buy a product or hire someone the first thing most people do is ask their friends or family if they can recommend someone. If no one can help you there then you are unfortunately about to start gambling and that is where the problems start. You might think you should just go with the oldest company as they can be trusted but that is not always the case. The newest business may well be the best choice but you just don’t know do you?

What is different about this new style of local business directory is that only the users provide the content and recommend the listings. You don’t get your business listed just because you got a phone number or you have agreed to pay monthly to be there. These are social network directories where the actual consumers decide who is listed and then they vote them into position by rating them on a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the highest and the best. Those that have a ten would be first on the page followed by the ones with nine and then eight and so on.

This new style of local business directory only lists those that are 8 or above so you know you are going to get a good buying experience and also the business that you use from this directory knows that you can leave a review of their service or product so they need to treat like you should be treated. The days were the customer is always is sadly not always the case anymore but it’s time to put that back into the business world.

This concept of user ratings has been used on auction sites and on hiring temporary help sites for a long time and the time has come to bring that type of user interaction to the local business user. If you can quickly see that the local plumber has 5 glowing testimonials and is rated a 9 then why would you shop anywhere else?

This is an example of a local business directory and what is also nice is that after two to three years the search engines will start to show listings on the first page as the content is then trusted and is being used by more and more users. This will give the local business more benefit for their advertising dollar and will increase the page rank of the domain, which will again increase the search engine rankings.

It is a great feeling when you decide to buy a product or service after doing all your homework by reading reviews so that you know you have made the right decision. Knowing what to expect and getting value in exchange for your dollars is what makes the local business directory with user interaction a concept whose time has come.

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